Is Joaquin Phoenix Playing Us?

If you missed Joaquin Phoenix on The Late Show with David Letterman Wednesday, then you missed a wild ride. The Golden Globe winning actor was there to promote his new movie Two Lovers. The entire time seemed drugged up and was slurring his speech. He was slow to answer David’s questions, if he even answered them at all. He got upset when the audience and Paul Shaffer, Letterman’s sidekick and Band leader, chuckled at his supposed career change into Hip-Hop music. At one point, Letterman commented on him chewing gum during the interview so Joaquin spit it out and, like a kid in school, stuck it under his desk.

In my opinion, it’s an act. He has said that acting has bored to him lately and says this is what has sparked his new-found interest in Hip-Hop music. It has been said that Casey Affleck, younger brother of Ben and Brother-in-law and friend to Joaquin, has been following Phoenix around recording him for a documentary about his career change. The Phoenix family does have some ties to music. His late brother River was a singer, song writer and an accomplished guitarist. The Phoenix brothers and sisters, Rain, Summer and Liberty, tried to start a career in music by playing cover songs on the streets of LA. Often being scooted along by police because of the crowds who obstructed the sidewalks and streets. Joaquin even did a great job singing Johnny Cash’s songs in the movie Walk The Line. So, part about him wanting to move on to music is something I don’t doubt.

I know it has been written before but, I’m gong to say it, too. This whole thing just gives off an Andy Kaufman feel to it. But, don’t take my word for it. Watch this video of the highlights, if that is what you want to call them, of the interview.


~ by Chris on February 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Is Joaquin Phoenix Playing Us?”

  1. i feel kind of sorry for Joaquin Phoenix because he does seem genuinely disoriented and Letterman gave him a hard time about it

  2. So… let me get this straight. This successful movie actor is creating a fictional joaquin phoenix who is going to become a rapper, releasing, in the process, an as-of-yet titled documentary on the making of his rapping joaquin phoenix, and then after its release, the creator, Joaquin Phoenix, is going back to movie acting? How bizarre.

    For more information on the hip-hop journey of Joaquin Phoenix, check TOE’s post out:

    ::the open end::

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