Small Children Hate Robots In Fake Fur?!?

So, Sunday was my cousin’s daughter’s birthday party. And it was, where else, Chuck E. Cheese Pizza. Everything was great and the kids had a wonderful time.

For those of you that don’t know, Chuck E. Cheese is a kids-based pizza restaurant. They have amusement-type and video games the kids can earn tickets and turn them in for cheap plastic prizes. This is mainly so the parents can get their kids out of their hair for a bit, or even have some fun of their own if they want.

They also have an animatronic animal band that sing and play fake instruments. In theory its a great idea. I mean, animals playing in a band are good in cartoons. Real life ones shouldn’t be much different, right?

Well, for some reason my 3-year-old can’t stand them. She wouldn’t let me get her 20 feet from them. The odd part is, the 1-year-old party girl had no problem with them. As far as I know my daughter has had no negative experiences with robot animals. So whats up with the freak out? I have no idea. She loved the kid in the rat costume that started a conga line and was passing out high-fives like they were hot rolls. Well, until he strolled over to the above-said monsters. Whats the difference to her?

All I know is that a child’s mind is complex and not fully known. Their imagination takes them to places most adults don’t understand. This is what makes them so wonderful. Some can run around and play while completely oblivious to their surroundings and some hate robots in fake fur.


~ by Chris on February 8, 2009.

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