TV Spotlight: The Shift

Sundays 10pm

The Shift: Sundays 10pm

Have nothing to watch Sunday night? Well now you do. The Shift is a one-hour real-life drama that follows detectives of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. This all-star squad of homicide detectives have one of the highest solve rates of any major American city. The show focuses on the middle shift that consist of Detectives Christine Minka, Lesia Moore, Tom Tudor, Jesse Beavers, Chuck Benner and Todd Lappin; as well as their supervisors, Deputy Chief William Benjamin, Lt. Kevin Kelly and Sgt. Jeff Breedlove. The show started back in late December. I started watching the show about a month ago and I can’t get enough. I will say that the fact its based in my hometown got me interested but its great filming and editing have me hooked. The Shift can be seen every Sunday at 10pm on Investigation Discovery Channel. I have Comcast and its digital channel 111. It also airs on the same channel throughout the week at different times. Click here to see the schedule. Head on over to their website and check out all the cool stuff about the show. There are also games you can play like Trace Evidence and a Criminal Profiling Quiz. You can also download the wallpaper, watch videos on some of the detectives, read some of their profiles or even follow some of their blogs. I highly recomend you check it out next Sunday, or at least TiVo it and watch it when you are sitting at home with nothing else to do.


~ by Chris on January 27, 2009.

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