Firefox > IE

Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

Most everyone already knows this, but Microsoft Internet Explorer is horrible. It crashes a lot, has little to no real security, and doesn’t allow for creative expression. In comes Mozilla. Their Internet browser, Firefox, does this and a whole lot more. Firefox add-ons allow you to do almost anything using the browser. From downloading videos and images straight from a website, to viewing thousands of images and videos via a gallery, to disguising Firefox to be viewed as IE to those pesky “IE only” sites. In addition there are thousands of custom themes that allow you to personalize your browser to fit your style or mood. In fact, I have created two themes myself. An Indianapolis Colts theme for the older version Firefox 2 and one for its current version Firefox 3.

You would think that a company so large and with as many resources as Microsoft has, would be the more dominant one. Especially since they have been around since nearly the dawn of the Internet.

There are claims that Microsoft is preventing its Vista users from downloading Firefox and other web browsers. I’m not sure how true these accusations are, but my mother had a similar problem recently. She bought a PC with Vista installed a few months ago and wouldn’t  you know, was having trouble with Internet Explorer. I suggested she download Firefox and a week later she told me she was having problems. I came over to lend a helping hand thinking maybe she wasn’t doing something right. Not the case. In fact it seemed that IE was actually preventing the download of Firefox. I’m no computer Guru or anything but I do know a thing or two. But, I can’t explain what was going on. I finally found a way around it by downloading an alternate link from cnet’s site I can’t say that IE was purposely denying the Firefox download. But, this is just one example of Internet Explorer’s inferiority.

Mozilla also has an e-mail application similar to Microsoft Outlook Express called Thunderbird. I’ve never used it so I can’t vouch for its superiority over its rival. But, I’d be willing to bet it is.


~ by Chris on January 21, 2009.

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