A Change Is Going To Come

So, today is going to be one of the biggest days in U.S. history. Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America at 12p.m. EST. Thus becoming the first African-American man to hold this honor. Aside from George Washington, who became President by winning all electorial votes, every President has his fair share of haters. But, Obama has had to also fight against racial and religious prejudice. Many of Obama’s doubters have refuted his claims of his Christian beliefs and have stated that his Muslim background almost makes him un-American. No matter what side you believe, one this is for sure. Barack Obama has become the most controversial Presidential Canadate to date. And his Presidential term should be just as controversial. His campaign spread that change was coming and I don’t doubt that is true. What kind of change that is has yet to be seen. All I know is I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I think this song fits today’s mood. Take a listen, I’ll bet you will agree. Good luck Obama, and best wishes to you and your family.


~ by Chris on January 20, 2009.

One Response to “A Change Is Going To Come”

  1. Yes the ‘balming’ ceremony of Obama as the new President of the US ushers in a new era of hope and the new face and phase of humanity. At last the sacred seeds sown there by the great souls like Martin Luther and Abraham Lincoln are sprouting in the youngest President Obama. It’s a unique and hostoric journey of the black to the white. The whole world is watching with all eajerness and hope. Enough of wars, terrors and bloos bath on this earth. Let’s hope and pray for a new era of love and balming in Obama.

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